Coaching : Mental Clarity, Spiritual Depth

The coaching provided by OWL works with laser-like precision to help you see what you already know that brings out your mental wisdom and clarity, as well as to break free of mental habits that may stand in your way.

Individual Coaching is designed to help women leaders continue to awaken to the connection between thought and experience as it unfolds in your experience moment-by-moment.  When you can see the thought-experience link in real time, a great deal of mental space tends to fee up.  People realize that they habitually think in ways that are unproductive, create stress and mental clutter.  Frequently people begin to realize the value of psychological open space – of having nothing on your mind. This psychological open space not only allows leaders to experience more ease and joy in leadership, but often allows leaders to enjoy more of a flow of fresh ideas that can bring creativity and innovation to their endeavors.  This awakening, or awareness of your mental life, is the foundation for the psychological freedom that gives real leverage to leadership.

Leaders who have learned the  Mind, Consciousness and Thought  (MCT) Principles taught in the OWL  approach often report that as their mental clarity increases, so does their capacity for a deeper state of mental presence, which allows insight and wisdom to emerge.  While insight and wisdom are in some ways quite ordinary, they draw on spiritual dimensions   as well – the experience of thoughts coming out of the blue, that are often better ideas than we feel we could have thought of ourselves, and a sense of a connection with a larger whole.

Hour long coaching sessions are offered individually at the rate of $250 per hour, and in the following packages:  Set of 10, take $150 off  ($2350 instead of $2500); set of 20, get one session free ($4750 rather than $5000).